Matcha Whisk - Bamboo


The official Junbi matcha whisk, or chasen in Japanese. Our bamboo whisk (and an optional, whisk holder) will help transform your matcha powder into a delicious cup of tea. Whisk quickly in a W- and M- shaped motion to bring out the earthy nuances of your matcha and create a topping of rich foam.

Compared to competitive brands of 50 prongs, our bamboo whisk has 100 prongs. With more prongs, this will help add more frothiness and airiness to the matcha.


Used to make Hot White Chocolate Matcha, Strawberry Milk Matcha, Spiked Raspberry Matcha Seltzer, Matcha Latte, and many more recipes that can be found here

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 37 reviews
    Joan Bahillo
    Bamboo whisk

    Love it!

    Highly recommend!

    I've always preferred using the bamboo whisk because it makes the matcha frothier and airy, and there's also less chance for it to scratch the bottom of the bowl! Matcha tends to clump even after sifting and I'd still find small clumps with a milk frother. So I highly recommend trying the bamboo whisk! Only issue I had was that this whisk kept fraying. I haven't had that issue until it was about time to replace it, so was a little surprised. However, didn't deter me from using it, just carefully looked at it before and after use!

    Carmen Phan

    Matcha Whisk - Bamboo

    Ross Lo
    Thought I was getting the whisk

    I ordered the whisk holder without the whisk, but the item name came up as Matcha Whisk -Bamboo in the cart. Holder is still pretty nice. Now I just need to order again and get the whisk.

    Adriana Alvarez

    Bought it for my daughter and she loves it!!!

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