Matcha Set


Don’t worry, the wait won’t be long! Our next shipment is already on the way and will be arriving late June, at which point we will ship it right out to you! Thank you so much for your support, especially as we navigate our world’s new circumstances. With everyone cozied up at home, conveniently making matcha at home using our Matcha Kits has been very popular and we’re so excited for you to receive yours.

As our Matcha Kits make their way to us in LA for us to ship to you, please feel free to place a pre-order so yours will be sent out in the first shipment! 
Thank you so much for your continued love and support as it means more to us than you know. We love you so Matcha!

Bring the traditional tea ceremony to the comfort of your home

Included is a matcha whisk, whisk holder, bamboo scoop, traditional bowl and an optional, Junbi matcha tin.

Tin contains 30g of matcha (approx 20 servings)

Note: Color may vary from photo


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