Matcha Set


Bring the traditional tea ceremony to the comfort of your home

Included are a matcha whisk, whisk holder, bamboo scoop, traditional bowl, and an optional, Junbi matcha tin.

Tin contains 30g of matcha (approx 20 servings)

Note: Color may vary from photo


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Matcha Set

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Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Tiffany Chin
Not up to my expectation

I purchased the more expensive matcha but wasn’t really impressed. The matcha was clumpy and even after pouring hot water and whisking vigorously or using the froth whisk, there was still clumps. The whisk that came with the set was a bit fragile. The electric whisk was better. The bowl was nice though. I think the matcha taste is good flavor but poor texture

Nemesia Park
Best gift ever!

I got this matcha set for my sister and she loves it!! It’s so cute! The ceramic bowl is beautiful and love that it’s handmade.

So good

I love the Matcha Set. I’ll probably order more matcha soon.

Joanna Barondess
Love This Matcha Set!

I'm just starting to get into making matcha at home and this was the perfect way to do that! The set came with helpful instructions to making standard matcha, in addition to other fun matcha recipes! I've been making a blueberry matcha latte regularly and it is DELICIOUS. And so easy to make!

Natalyia Valencia
Best b day gift ever

my mom got me this and i’mthe only one who really likes matcha in my house but omg it’s the best thing i’ve ever gotten. great quality!!!!

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