Reusable Straws


Let’s all do our part to reduce plastic waste with our reusable straw pack.

Combo includes a boba straw, regular straw, straw cleaner, pouch and pin.

Note: Straws have a pointed tip.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Stefanie H.
    I use them all the time!

    I really love the stainless steel look on my straws with out any distracting logos or colors. They hold up well and clean easily. I really appreciate the travel bag and straw cleaner that comes with it as well. It fits in my fanny pack that I take everywhere with me and I love being able to choose to use my reusable straw and turning down the plastic ones at boba and smoothie places! The only thing I would like is that the straw cleaner it comes with is small so it only really cleans the thin straw and not the boba straw. It is easy to run water and soap through the boba straw but it would be nice to have a straw cleaner large enough for it as well.


    Reusable Straws

    Jessica E.

    Reusable Straws

    Great quality, perfect length

    Bought them for my boyfriend. He loves it, feels great and also perfect length fo our glasses at home and starbucks cups.

    Great Product

    The quality was great and super convenient because you can get both a normal straw and boba straw. Which is awesome!

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