Junbi is coming to Garden Grove!

We are so excited to announce that we are opening our next location in Garden Grove, California! We asked our new franchisees Vanessa and Tim a few questions about their journey of opening up a Junbi.

1.What inspired you to become a part of Junbi and own your shop in Garden Grove, CA?

I was actually introduced to Junbi when it was first conceptualized as “Young Bud”, and witnessed its eventual growth into “Sip Matcha” and finally “Junbi”. I was lucky enough to sit in the background at initial investor meetings, and really resonated with Junbi’s goals of introducing matcha into everyday life and was thoroughly educated on the benefits of quality matcha. Once Tim and I were in a position to invest, Junbi was the first option that came to mind, and we had no doubts that this was the perfect fit after our first franchisee meeting with corporate.

2. We'd love to share about your background and your decision to open your own Junbi. How did you Prepare Daringly to make that leap? 

Tim and I both grew up watching our parents work day and night to provide what they could for us, and as grateful as we are for their sacrifices, we knew once we became parents ourselves that we wanted to prioritize the time we have for our family and try our best to spend it with our kiddos. Tim studied Civil Engineering in college, then went on to serve in the Marine Corps as an Artillery Officer for 4 years, and is now working as the Coordinator of Supplier Diversity for a major construction company. I studied Communications in Digital Media and spent a few years working in that field before my new main title as Mom to Caleb and Kailey. We feel our combined professional and personal experience helped us prepare daringly to become successful Junbi franchisees!

3. How do you envision contributing to and embracing the local community through your Junbi location?

We are truly aiming to immerse ourselves in the Garden Grove community, and for us that includes listening to the local needs and showing up where we can. We would love to work with the local schools, colleges, businesses, and more to find where we can provide both Junbi products and support. Also, as a part of Cottage Industries, we are constantly working on ways to bring the community together at our location.

4. What qualities do you believe make Junbi stand out in the market?

We love the story behind Junbi and admire the love and efforts that have been put into providing quality matcha products. Junbi stands out in the market, because it's real people behind the curtains who fully embrace the value of Preparing Daringly in their lives.

5. Can you share a personal story or experience that highlights your passion for matcha?

To be honest, I’ve never had the need for caffeine and never much liked the taste of coffee. And this is a little cliché, but after 2 kids..... what more can I say! Matcha has provided the long lasting energy boost that Tim and I need to keep up with our munchkins!

6. Where are you in the process of opening your location and how has it been? 

We are currently making plans to begin construction on our location! Our building permits have been approved, and getting to that step took some time and efforts with so much help from Junbi Corporate. With full time jobs and family duties, it sometimes felt so daunting, but corporate has provided help at every turn. Without their referrals and guidance, we would not have gotten to this point so quickly and smoothly! <3

We can't wait for Junbi - Garden Grove to open up! You can find them at Cottage Industries: 12934 8th St, Garden Grove, CA 92840

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If you're interested in opening up your very own Junbi, check out our franchising page for more information.

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