Our Why

Junbi was founded by a team of two couples (four best friends: June, Dan, Anna & Jeremy)
who seek to create a movement that draws on the strength of the earth, delivering energy and goodness through matcha, to help you prepare daringly to push your limits and
walk your own path.​

Our Name

Junbi translates to “preparation” in Japanese. Everything we do is in preparation to serve our customers the best product, customer service, and experience. We spend time vetting the farms in Japan and growing, harvesting, and milling the matcha itself takes tremendous preparation. We also want to help you Prepare Daringly for your days, goals, and wildest dreams.

Fun fact: The word preparation in Chinese (“zhǔn bèi”), Korean (“junbihada”),
and Vietnamese (“chuẩn bị”) also sounds like Junbi.

Prepare Daringly

It’s our motto. Prepare Daringly means to break free from your routine, to step outside your comfort zone, to reach further for your goals, and to take on the challenges
you’ve been working toward.​

How do you Prepare Daringly to live a life
filled with curiosity, risk, passion, and courage?