Matcha Kit


Experience the Art of Matcha with our new Premium Matcha Kit

Elevate your tea-drinking ritual with our carefully curated Premium Matcha Kit, designed to bring the rich traditions of Japanese matcha preparation with a modernized aesthetic into your home or workplace. Crafted with authenticity in mind, this kit includes all the essentials for a perfect matcha moment:

Included are a traditional high-quality 100-prong bamboo matcha whisk (chasen), bamboo ladle (chashaku), matcha sifter (chakoshi), glass matcha bowl (chawan), glass whisk holder, and a 30g tin of Junbi Daily Ceremonial Matcha.

This all-inclusive kit is perfect for beginners and matcha connoisseurs alike, and makes the ultimate gift for any matcha-lover in your life.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great Matcha

So far we have tried the strawberry and the coconut Matcha while they are delicious I think there could be a little more of the strawberry and coconut flavor, but I’m very happy with my purchase and now I want to take a trip to Dallas to actually visit a Junbi store to see if I might be doing something wrong in making my matcha, can’t wait to try the rest of my order ☺️

Vaughn Blade

Matcha Kit

Vicki Ng

Good but sift broke

Overall: Great

I always gravitate towards using the glass bowl over my other bowls. The whisk and ladle does the job. I just wish the whisk stand was heavier because whenever I grab the whisk with 1 hand, often times the stand comes up with it and eventually slides off. If I'm not careful, it can break since it's glass.

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