Matcha Lover

$110 $115

Maybe you drink matcha every day (even twice a day). Maybe you’ve been trying your hand at all our recipes! Either way, this bundle is exactly for who it’s named after — the Matcha Lover. Save on shipping while staying stocked!

Here’s what you’ll get:
4 matcha tins (30g each)
2 stickers
1 pin

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lisa Pineapple
It is perfect!

I bought several tins for my sister and me. We make matcha lattes a lot, since we work long hours. Not only does it help keep us awake, it tastes so good. I love Junbi matcha!

Kristina King
Matcha matcha matcha

I love the matcha!!! It is soo smooth and silky, nothing else compares!

Ali Vue
Matcha is Great!!

Matcha is great. Already loving it and can't wait to try out the recipes. Great product!

Allison Marie Runes

Matcha Lover

Remi M.
I need a recurring subscription of this matcha

Your body and mind will thank you for purchasing multiple matcha tins from Junbi. The health benefits of matcha was my initial reason for wanting to try Junbi matcha. Making my matcha latte (with matcha, manuka honey, cinnamon, oat milk and ice) quickly turned into my morning routine. No more coffee is needed. My mind feels sharper and my body feels less anxious/tense. I feel more proactive and motivated to make more healthy choices in my life because of this morning boost of matcha and healthy ingredients. It's the best quality, taste, vibrancy, and price I have found after trying several ceremonial teas at Mitsuwa Market). OTHER matcha powders taste bitter and chalky as if it's been sitting in their container for too long. Junbi tastes fresh, smooth and enriched. Read where it comes from, and you'll understand why.

This is a local, small, trustworthy business. Another huge focus when I am purchasing products. Supporting good people through their business is very important to me. This is a product that makes you feel rejuvenated in many ways. I buy the 4 pack to introduce the matcha to loved ones, as I feel it's a healthy, loving and peaceful gift in these hectic times. If you personally don't like matcha, buy it and gift it to someone who could use a deep breath and social distanced hug. I promise it will do the trick.

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