Caffeine Levels of Matcha vs Coffee

A Man sitting and reading a book while enjoying a matcha at Junbi Westwood

Imagine this: you’ve spent the morning crossing items off your To-Do List like the champion you are when, all of a sudden, fatigue sets in and your energy levels drop. You’re not a fan of this “blah” feeling, so it’s time to seek caffeine in the form of coffee, or soda, or another beverage that you rely on to get you back into your I’m-totally-conquering-this-day! state.   

You drink your coffee, feel good for a while, and then . . . crash. You’re back to feeling “blah” again, which often leads to another round of your caffeine routine, followed by the inevitable crash. 

Coffee, soda, and similar drinks (such as energy drinks) contain high amounts of caffeine—a popular stimulant that makes you feel focused and energized. An eight-ounce cup of coffee contains approximately 95 mg, which is definitely enough to get you back up and running, but there’s a catch: the caffeine in your coffee can only make you feel refreshed for so long before it exits your system and leaves you feeling jittery. At Junbi, we totally get why people love caffeine. We love it, too! Our beloved beverage, matcha, contains caffeine–in fact, when you stop by one of our locations and pick up our Straight Up Matcha, you're getting 210 mg of caffeine, and with our layered matcha drinks, you're consuming 120mg! Thanks to a magic ingredient called L-Theanine, your body steadily absorbs the caffeine, so, rather than getting your dose of caffeine all at once—which is what happens when you drink coffee—you get your caffeine in slow and steady doses across a 4-to-6-hour period when you choose to drink matcha instead. 

We call our matcha “good, clean energy” for a reason—it gives you the energy and mental clarity you need to focus without the typical crash that caffeine causes. If you’re craving caffeine without the crash and the jitters to match, go with some any of our matcha options in-store or to make at home (one teaspoon of our matcha contains 70mg of caffeine, and you can adjust the amount to your liking!). Now, enjoy the myriad benefits of this healthy beverage, and get back to showing your To-Do List who’s boss. 

P.S. Not to get all “The Tortoise and the Hare” on you, but don’t forget that slow and steady wins the race . . . 

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