Which Type of Matcha is Right For Me?

Junbi exists because we believe matcha is a super-charged form of tea that’s not only delicious, but also versatile, and we’re on a mission to help others enjoy it as much as we do.

We’re committed to offering our customers a wide variety of matcha products that best suit their individual needs and preferences. That’s why our shop is well-stocked with single origin matcha that we source directly from our expert, reputable farmers in Uji, Japan. Fun Fact: Our farm has been growing, harvesting, and milling matcha for over 100+ years!

Junbi Daily Ceremonial Matcha is a green vibrant matcha powder picked from young tea leaves to make a pure and delicious matcha that can be enjoyed numerous ways!

         Matcha is typically categorized as either ceremonial or culinary. Ceremonial matcha is best for drinking, while a lower grade of matcha called culinary matcha is typically used for cooking (think matcha pancakes or mochi). At Junbi, we focus on high-quality single origin ceremonial matcha. While perusing our shop, you may be wondering which tin or packet you should buy. (Decisions, decisions!)

Our Daily Ceremonial Matcha and Reiwa Premium Ceremonial Matcha shown with our electric matcha whisk and two iced matcha drinks

         Our Daily Ceremonial matcha tastes amazing on its own and is a fantastic choice for daily matcha drinkers who want to also add matcha into other recipes. Even though it is a much higher grade than culinary, it can still be used for recipes making your creations taste even more earthy and look much more vibrant green than your typical culinary grade. (Check out some of our recipes here - Banana Spinach Matcha Pancakes, anyone?).

Our Blueberry and Matcha packets which contain 200g of matcha powder mixed with real berry for a subtly sweet option!

         If you’re up for some fruity matcha, check out our Blueberry Matcha and/or Raspberry Matcha. Both blends make for subtly sweet, refreshing teas that have been known to swoon newbies and enthusiasts alike.

         And then there’s Reiwa, our highest grade matcha that’s picked from the softest and youngest buds plucked from the camellia sinensis plant (where all tea, including matcha comes from - crazy, right? Learn more here). These buds make for a naturally sweeter, earthier, smoother drink with more umami—the kind used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. It’s a luxurious tea experience perfect for matcha connoisseurs and beginners. We recommend drinking this straight up with water to really enjoy all the delicious nuances of this matcha or as part of a drink recipe.  

         Finding the type of matcha that’s right for you may involve trying multiple varieties, but it’s so exciting to discover your “matcha match”! (When you do, by the way, consider enrolling in our Subscribe and Save program, which will save you 10% off every delivery.) We’re confident that your chosen type of matcha will enrich your day and afford you energy, peace, and clarity. 

Try our variety pack with all 4 of our matcha varieties!

         If you have any questions about any of our matcha varieties, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Matcha is such an exceptional tea, and it brings our team at Junbi great joy and satisfaction when we are given the opportunity to introduce our products to you and invite you to Prepare Daringly with us.

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