How to Properly Store Your Matcha & Traditional Whisk

Because drinking matcha is one way to take care of your body, it’s reasonable to want to return the favor, and take care of your matcha powder and the tools you use to make it. Not only will that ensure that your matcha is staying fresh and tasty, but it will help with the longevity and condition of your tools. Here are some helpful insights from your friends here at Junbi regarding how to properly store both your matcha and your traditional whisk.  

Matcha: How and Where to Store It 

Junbi Matcha Daily Ceremonial Tin

So, you’ve purchased your preferred tin of matcha, made a healthy, frothy drink and . . . now what? Should you keep the tin on the counter, next to your bamboo whisk and other kitchen utensils, or perhaps in the cupboard next to all your spices? Your matcha should be stored in a cool dry place. Depending on the season or climate of where you live, your safest bet would be storing your matcha in the fridge. It would be happiest hanging out with your yogurt, ketchup, and all the other chilly inhabitants whose labels read “REFRIGERATE AFTER OPENING.” This will ensure your matcha doesn’t oxidize, and will preserve the color, taste, and benefits that matcha provides. For this reason, you’ll also want to keep your matcha stored in its original tin, since light exposure can also oxidize the matcha (hence why you should not buy matcha in a glass container).

Next pro tip from the Junbi crew: remember the sequence 2-4-6: while our Daily Ceremonial grade matcha has a 6-month shelf life, we suggest you consume your matcha powder within 2-4 weeks after opening that adorable little tin. If you’re a daily matcha drinker and concerned about running out, we’ve got your back—consider signing up for a subscription so you can conveniently maintain your supply, not to mention get 10% off each recurring delivery. 

Whisk: How to Dry and Store It

Traditional Bamboo Matcha Whisk on a Ceramic Whisk Holder

An essential matcha-making tool, a traditional bamboo whisk needs some TLC after all that whisking is complete (imagine how many calories a whisk could burn if it could!). The more effort you put into taking care of your whisk, the longer it will last. 

After you’ve made your delicious matcha and carefully handwashed your whisk, we recommend placing it in a ceramic whisk holder, which is designed to not only help your whisk dry quickly, but also preserve its shape. If you don’t own one of these holders, consider investing in one, as they work well to prevent your whisk from becoming exposed to moisture, which could lead to mold growth (not a good look for your whisk!).  

Allow your whisk to dry with the prongs pointing downward and give it plenty of time to air dry. When it’s time to store your matcha whisk, take a moment to double-check that it’s completely dry, and then store it upright in a cool, dry place. 

Repeat after us: downward to dry, upright to store . . . downward to dry, upright to store! 

For more information about matcha whisks, be sure to read our Ultimate Matcha Whisk Guide. It’s a great resource, especially if you’re new to making and drinking matcha. 

Prepare Daringly with Junbi

Because we are passionate about making matcha available to everyone, Junbi continues to expand across the nation (be sure to visit one of our franchise locations!), and ship our high-quality matcha and accessories straight to our customers’ doorsteps. 

No matter where you are on your matcha journey, we invite you to join us and embrace the boundless energy and goodness that matcha provides! 

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