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Matcha - Tin (Daily Ceremonial)


Make your own matcha at home with our Daily Ceremonial grade matcha. All you have to do is scoop, whisk (or shake up in a bottle), and enjoy!

Why Junbi matcha?

 ➤ 100% pure shade-grown finely milled matcha
 ➤ Sourced from a 100-year-old farm in Japan
 ➤ Pairs deliciously with other ingredients
 ➤ Fuels you to Prepare Daringly for your adventures ahead

Each tin contains enough matcha (30g) to make approximately 30 straight-up servings, 30 Matcha Lattes, 40 Dalgona Matchas, or 6 batches of Matcha Cheesecake Brownies!

**Subscription orders require a three month commitment before cancellation. 

Save when you buy 2 or more!

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Matcha Benefits





Why Junbi Matcha

100% Pure Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Sourced from a 100 year old farm in Japan

Stone ground with love

Hand picked from the youngest bud

Preparing Matcha is Easy





How to Prepare a Matcha Latte

How to Prepare Matcha Cheesecake Brownies

Customer Reviews

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Tram-Anh Bui

I really wanted to like this matcha powder like I heard so many good reviews on it especially TikTok so first smell the smell is faint I literally have to stick my nose to smell it because I couldn’t smell it from above me chin to my neck and I compare this one to the expensive one the expensive one I didn’t have to stick my nose to smell it because I can smell it from here the expensive one have a fragrant smell and 2nd as in color I couldn’t compare the color from this one to the expensive inside the tin so I sifted it and the junbi matcha powder not as bright green than the expensive one that I have and as in taste the junbi one I literally tried this for about a week and I still hated it taste smooth but really bitter I didn’t feel more energized or like a superhero or want to dance all day compare to the expensive one that I have the one I have cost 200 dollars this one I purchase cost 32 dollars I wish matcha powders wasn’t so expensive but I understand the money goes to the hard labor people who work on matcha tea farms but to be honest this junbi matcha powder wasn’t how quality for me and I hate the bitter taste of matcha like I feel so disappointed in this product and like I heard good reviews on it but no one compare the smell and taste and color and different brands of matcha the 200 dollar one that I have is from a different brand but that I can only purchase maybe once a while I know high quality matcha usually costs around 50-200 so I’m sorry junbi I am very disappointed in this product but I love the electric matcha whisk that I purchase from you good practical electric whisk if I don’t have time to do the traditional way of making matcha like using a bamboo whisk so for this one not high quality not worth it but if I have to buy the matcha regularly like once every month probably cost range around 50-100 I don’t know

Chloe Acebo
Go-To Matcha Brand

Absolutely love Junbi! It’s perfect for me since I’m sensitive to coffee, and the customer service is 10/10. The consistency and color sold it to me, but the recipes are next level. Definitely looking to do a subscription!

Kaylie Steinhaus
Great Quality

At first the tin looks rather small but there's a good amount in there! I've been drinking it every day since I got it and it doesn't seem to be diminishing in that tin. The quality is great. The actual taste of the matcha is so smooth. Drinking it iced with a little bit of almond milk is awesome too. :)

Kaylee Gartino

Matcha - Tin (Daily Ceremonial)


My pregnant wife absolutely loved the Daily Ceremonial Matcha! She said it was the best part of her mornings.