How to Tell If Your Matcha is Good Quality & Why It Matters

Whether you’re new to matcha or have been drinking this exceptional beverage for quite some time, we’re here to give you a friendly virtual elbow nudge and remind you that not all matcha is the same.

What do we mean by this, you ask? 

Well, just like coffee and tea, matcha is  made by different producers, who  can elect to sell a low quality, passable product or a high quality, meticulously crafted product. Low quality tea, coffee, and matcha tends to be mass produced, while high quality involves the farmer creating fresh, small batches and, often, maintaining a direct relationship with the supplier.  

If you love matcha as much as we do, it’s totally worth investing in the highest quality matcha you can get. 

High Quality Matcha: What To Look For

How do you determine if you’ve stocked up on high quality matcha? Well, the matcha supplier you decide to support (we sure hope it’s us!) should be able to tell you where the leaves were grown and ground, and confirm that they take a farm-to-cup approach. 

Here at Junbi, we’re proud to share that our matcha comes from a 100-year-old farm in Uji, Japan. We remain in consistent, close contact with our tea farmers and sommeliers so we can retain full oversight over the entire matcha-making process: farming, harvesting, processing, and packing

Matcha farm tea leaf picking

You’ll know you’ve secured some high quality, ceremonial grade matcha if it’s vibrant and vivid green in color. It should smell vegetal and sweet. The taste should be, rich, earthy, and balanced, with just a hint of umami. And the powder itself should appear silky, not coarse. When you consume it, you should feel energized and focused.

Junbi: Your Go-To Source for High Quality Matcha  

We’re passionate about selling high quality, delicious matcha because we believe that’s what our new and repeat customers deserve. Plus, high quality matcha allows you to reap all the health benefits: energy, immunity, and mental clarity, just to name a few! 

Take our word for it and order yourself a tin of Daily Ceremonial Grade Matcha. It’s hand-picked, stone ground, finely milled, shade-grown, and refreshingly pure. We’re confident that it will exceed your expectations.  

When you join us on the journey to Prepare Daringly™, you’ll be treating yourself to our superb farm-to-cup matcha. We can’t wait to share it with you! 

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