Why Does My Matcha Settle?

Have you made a frothy cup of matcha at home, only to discover some clumps and lumps in your cup? Don’t panic! 

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Don’t settle.” Right? That’s good advice for you and for me, but it doesn’t apply to matcha. Matcha settles all the time. It can’t help it.

Alas, matcha has a good excuse: it’s made by milling whole tea leaves, transforming them into a finely ground, vibrant green powder. No matter how expertly milled the tea leaves are during the production process, matcha won’t fully dissolve in water like soluble products such as sugar and honey. Finding sediment at the bottom of your cup might seem a bit strange, but it’s a common natural occurrence.  

Our team at Junbi has come to regard this settling “quirk” as matcha’s way of reminding us that we are literally drinking tea leaves that farmers have hand-picked and stone ground with the utmost care. It’s amazing, really, to think about how combining ground tea leaves with water can create such a delicious and healthy beverage. 

Matcha + Settling = How to Reduce Clumps, Lumps, and Sediment

To ensure the matcha is fully incorporated, we recommend investing in a whisk, which can suspend the matcha powder in a way that helps reduce the sediment. We sell an electric whisk that comes with a convenient stand, as well as a travel-friendly, 100% bamboo whisk that features a protective case that reminds you to Prepare Daringly for your next adventure. Next time you make matcha, we advise you to whisk, whisk, whisk until you notice lots of little bubbles and the formation of a thick, frothy layer. 

Bamboo Whisk

Want some other tips to help reduce settling? First, take a minute to sift your matcha powder to remove any lumps. Next, ensure that you’re using the correct matcha powder to water ratio; for our Daily Ceremonial grade matcha, we recommend 1 teaspoon per 4 ounces. Also, if you like your matcha hot, keep in mind that matcha powder mixes best with water that’s 175°F. 

Of course, where you buy your matcha also matters. The higher quality matcha, the finer powder you’ll receive. Junbi’s matcha is stone ground by our skilled farmers in Uji, Japan, and we’re ready to ship you matcha tins, whisks, and even cool accessories to make your matcha-drinking journey as delightful as possible. 


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