Matcha vs. Coffee: Which Should You Choose?

Are you a die-hard coffee fan? We get it! Whether you’re an espresso lover or have a penchant for frothy cappuccinos, coffee can add a spring to your step and help you focus on your all-important deadlines. However, there’s a whole world of tasty beverages you could be missing out on!

 Latte made from Espresso pulled from Junbi Coffee Beans next to a Matcha Drink

To help you discover exciting new drinks, we’re going explore how matcha compares to your beloved cup of coffee. Don’t worry – we’re not suggesting you overhaul your entire daily routine and ditch your favorite treats. Instead, we want to make you aware of matcha’s many benefits. Variety is the spice of life, after all!

Matcha vs. coffee: What are the differences?

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing between matcha and coffee:

  1. Taste profile:

    Coffee products are very diverse, with some bean types offering deep and complex taste profiles. On its own, matcha has a smooth, earthy, umami, and subtly natural sweet taste. However, you can try it in a range of different products to suit your preferences. Our Daily Ceremonial Matcha Tin, for example, can be used to make everything from matcha lattes to matcha cheesecake brownies. Hey, you could even combine the best of both worlds and try a dirty matcha latte! 
  2. Energy-boosting benefits:

    Coffee is renowned for its caffeine content and ability to provide instant bursts of energy. Matcha also contains caffeine but boosts your energy more slowly and steadily due to an amazing amino acid called L-theanine. By helping your body absorb caffeine slowly and steadily, L-theanine may increase feelings of alertness and combats fatigue while avoiding the dreaded “coffee jitters and crash” – perfect if you’re planning a long study session.
  3. Antioxidant content:

    Both coffee and matcha contain antioxidants, but matcha contains much more, which can potentially help to lower your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, vision loss, cancer, and more. Coffee also doesn't contain catechins (matcha does!), which have been studied to slow signs of aging.
  4. Availability:

    At the moment, coffee is more widely available than matcha. However, the tide is turning and matcha products are making their way into the mainstream. At Junbi, we take pride in introducing matcha to new people every day by serving better-for-you drink options from our locations across the U.S. Not to mention, at Junbi Shop, you can also get your hands on premium matcha straight from Uji, Japan with a few a simple clicks!

If you’re yet to try matcha, we encourage you to give it a go in place of your habitual afternoon coffee. At Junbi, we’re here to help you step out of your comfort zone and get started with matcha. Check out our shop today or read more about the wonderful world of matcha here

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