Our Farm to Cup Process: Our Expert Tea Sommelier

Here at Junbi, we're serious about our matcha. We only want the best for you, so we have focused our business model on bringing you the real deal, directly from the source. 

Our founders carefully taste-tested matcha all across Japan to bring you the best of the best from a 100 year old tea farm in Uji, Japan, the matcha capital of the world! All our matcha is sourced from this farm, and their expert tea sommeliers work hard to make sure our proprietary blend tastes the same year after year. Our farm to cup process ensures that we put our name on quality matcha powder that tastes great, is authentic, and remains consistent with previous harvests. 

Junbi’s Relationship with Our Tea Sommelier 

Farm worker picking tea leaves under a shaded canopy.

Working directly with our tea sommelier in Japan allows us to establish close relationships with him and his dedicated farmers. But what is a tea sommelier? A tea sommelier, also known as a tea master or tea expert, is someone who has a deep understanding and mastery of the art and science of tea. Our tea sommelier has spent many years studying and practicing the art of tea. This includes cultivating, processing, brewing, tasting, and serving of the tea. Our sommelier has a keen sense of taste and smell, and has the ability to identify and appreciate the subtle variations in the taste of the tea in order to masterfully create our special blend.

Dried tea leaves to be ground into matcha.

Our farm grows and harvests the young, shade-grown tea leaves, grinds them into a fine powder, and ensures that each batch of matcha they produce for Junbi precisely matches the grade we serve. Find a location near you

It's important for us to make matcha—our favorite superfood beverage—available to the masses, but it’s a responsibility we take seriously. Quality and consistency are valued by not only our founders and farmers but also our customers and franchise owners, which is why our team and farm work meticulously to ensure quality of our products and drinks.

Consistent, Authentic, and Quality Matcha (No Middle Man Necessary!)

Much like wine, tea can taste different depending on factors such as climate and weather, which affect the growth of camellia sinensis, the tea plant. Mid-May brings the end of the spring season, and our farmers are wrapping up the matcha harvest. Our tea master tastes the results of each year’s harvest to begin preparing our special blend. Since he is well-versed in the taste and nuances of matcha as well as what our needs are for our menu, he uses his expertise to blend the matcha from different plants in order to create the proprietary blend our team and customers love. 

Rolling hills of camellia sinensis, the tea plant to be used for green tea and matcha at our 100 year old tea farm in Uji, Japan! .

The relationship we’ve established with our tea farm removes the middle man, which makes it possible for us to offer high quality matcha to franchisees and customers at a price that would be significantly higher if we didn’t take the farm to cup approach. Instead, our internal team works directly with the matcha farm so we can help fuel you daily with clean energy in delicious and unique flavor combinations! 

If you’re interested in opening a Junbi franchise in your city, rely on the authenticity of our proprietary blend to be your unique selling point. If a matcha store opened next door to or across the street from your Junbi franchise, their matcha would not taste the same. We can promise that the quality, consistency, and authenticity of Junbi’s matcha do not go unrecognized by customers, team, and franchisees. 

Ready to Open a Franchise and Inspire Customers to Prepare Daringly?

Junbi’s creating a movement, and we’d be thrilled if you’d  join us! Our farm to cup approach truly sets us apart and gives you the unique selling point you need to make your matcha franchise a success. 

Customers enjoying matcha at Junbi Westwood.

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