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Matcha - 80g Tin (Daily Ceremonial)

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The Junbi matcha you love, now in a larger tin!

Make your own matcha at home with our Daily Ceremonial grade matcha. All you have to do is scoop, whisk (or shake up in a bottle), and enjoy!

Why Junbi matcha?

 ➤ 100% pure shade-grown finely milled matcha
 ➤ Sourced from a 100-year-old farm in Japan
 ➤ Pairs deliciously with other ingredients
 ➤ Fuels you to Prepare Daringly for your adventures ahead

Each tin contains enough matcha (80g) to make approximately 40 straight-up servings, 40 Matcha Lattes, 80 Dalgona Matchas or 40 batches of Matcha Cheesecake Brownies!

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Matcha Benefits





Why Junbi Matcha

100% Pure shade-grown finely milled Matcha

Sourced from a 100 year old farm in Japan

Pairs deliciously with other Ingredients

fuels you to prepare daringly for your adventures ahead

Preparing Matcha is Easy





How to Prepare a Matcha Latte

How to Prepare Matcha Cheesecake Brownies

Customer Reviews

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Jason Sopaseuth

Matcha - 80g Tin (Daily Ceremonial)

Samantha A.
The best

I discovered Junbi from my job in Westwood and LOVED everything on their menu. To my surprise, you can purchase their matcha online. It is so rich and smooth! I love the blueberry matcha and the big ceremonial matcha. As a night shift healthcare worker, it really gets me through the whole entire night shift. I use ceremonial matcha with fat free fairlife milk and brown sugar and sometimes add mango purée. I’ve baked madeleines and crinkle cookies with these too. Amazing!

juni h.
The best matcha ✨

I made the decision to drink less coffee this year and Junbi matcha was there to the rescue. Now, I can't go without it. I'm going to have to start taking it with me when I travel because other matchas just don't compare. The Daily Ceremonial is so fresh and delicious. It just *tastes premium.* I also have all the energy and focus I need throughout the day without the jitters. Chef's kiss.

Best Matcha!

I love Junbi matcha! It is the best matcha that I have tasted.

Rae Wong
My Go To!

I love this matcha! I’ve made a complete switch from coffee entirely and played with different portions of matcha to fit my taste. And I’m obsessed! It’s been my daily source of caffeine and a small cup is more than enough. I feel energized during my work day, with no crash or the feel or need to have a second cup (unless I’m craving matcha lol). Recently just made the decision to get on their subscription and just have my automatic refills every month. Not to mention, I’m literally saving so much money making my own matcha lattes at home versus going to my local Starbucks. No regrets!