Matcha - Vanilla Matcha Packet


The sweet floral notes from our vanilla pairs perfectly with the subtle earthy umami notes of our premium matcha creating a luxuriously smooth blend that’s sure to become a daily staple.

Our Vanilla Matcha is easy to prepare! Just whisk with milk or water.

Packet contains 200g of Vanilla Matcha. *Contains cane sugar*

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    Matcha Benefits





    Why Junbi Matcha

    100% Pure shade-grown finely milled Matcha

    Sourced from a 100 year old farm in Japan

    Pairs deliciously with other Ingredients

    fuels you to prepare daringly for your adventures ahead

    Preparing Matcha is Easy





    How to Prepare a Matcha Latte

    How to Prepare Matcha Cheesecake Brownies

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    April Enriquez
    Lovely morning drink

    I love that I discovered this matcha packet! It’s my morning drink and I love the flavor of vanilla!

    Vincent Lee
    It's delicious, just a minor improvement would be great

    The matcha is delicious and I was pretty excited to try this new flavor. The only issue I have with this is the Zip Lock on the bag. When the matcha comes in, the bag is sealed, but the Zip Lock is wide open. This allows matcha to go in between the seams and it doesn't allow the bag to close properly after it's opened. I always end up leaving these Matcha packets in a separate ZipLoc bag to keep it fully sealed.

    If the bag's Zip Lock is already closed when it comes in the mail, I think that would solve the issue, although I don't know how feasible this solution is since I've been complaining about this issue to Junbi ever since I started ordering here

    Perfect pick me up!

    The vanilla matcha is smooth, creamy and lightly sweetened. A perfect way to start the day🙂

    Caila L
    Too sweet for my liking

    It’s my first time purchased Junbi’s vanilla matcha packet. I like the flavor but it’s bit too sweet for me. I do like the fact the matcha powder dissolves easily. But I wish there’s more matcha in the packet given the price I paid for per pack.

    N. Megowan
    Love it!

    I love the Vanilla Matcha. It’s already the second order I placed. My favorite is mixing it with 2% milk in the magic bullet. That makes it nice and frothy, then pour it over ice and add a little bit of slightly sweetened whipped cream. It’s truly the best.