Flattening the curve


In response to the latest statewide CA “Stay at Home” Order, we have made the tough decision as a team to close our doors until further notice contingent on the state of COVID-19. 

Although we are still authorized to do takeout and delivery and feel a deep desire to serve our community (especially our healthcare workers), we feel a larger responsibility to take the next steps in “flattening the curve” to protect our community through eliminating any exposure at Junbi Westwood and Rowland Heights.


We’re not letting this defeat us. We are working hard during this time to come back stronger and better. All of our employees will still have their shifts when we reopen and we will continue to check in on them, be available to them, and make sure they are doing okay. We are grateful to our team for their understanding of the sacrifices we all need to make for the health of the community.

Junbi exists to serve you and we strive to continue to do that from a safe distance during this time. We invite you to order our matcha to be shipped straight to you or to a loved one you can’t be close to right now. We also offer electronic gift cards that can be used when everything settles and we’re back in action. 

Please stay hopeful, healthy, and kind during this time. Thank you for your continued love, patience, and support as we Prepare Daringly together to take on our world’s new circumstances. We’ll make it through this together!

With love,



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