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Matcha - Blueberry Matcha Packet


Bright, earthy notes from our premium matcha paired with sweet, ripe blueberries make for a smooth, balanced tea that’s just perfect for matcha newbies and enthusiasts alike.

Fuel your body with natural goodness & clean energy to Prepare Daringly™ for leading your own path.

Packet contains 200g of Blueberry Matcha. *Contains cane sugar*

**Subscription orders require a three month commitment before cancellation. 

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    Matcha Benefits





    Why Junbi Matcha

    100% Pure Ceremonial Grade Matcha

    Sourced from a 100 year old farm in Japan

    Stone ground with love

    Hand picked from the youngest bud

    Preparing Matcha is Easy





    How to Prepare a Matcha Latte

    How to Prepare Matcha Cheesecake Brownies

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 48 reviews
    Cyndi Hu

    I love the slightly sweet taste and smell. Delicious!

    Jonathan Moreno

    Matcha - Blueberry Matcha Packet

    It’s really good

    I actually really like it. If only it was a bit less expensive. I’d buy it all the time. If it was $20. I’d get it consistently. I understand the high quality ingredients though. I just can’t afford it though. But it’s so great because I have digestive issues and can’t handle drinking coffee and always opt for tea. But this matcha is great as well and keeps me energized and also tastes good:)
    Also the ziplock part of the bag needs to fixed. It doesn’t close really well.

    Anna Yeshe
    My favorite morning routine!

    I add mine to milk and this is what keeps me going all day! Its delicious, like you can’t get a matcha latte more delicious than this. I mean I guess if you have a Junbi shop near you then it’s a different story…maybe, but I love my blueberry matcha latte! Not to mention the mini arm work out I get to whisk it lol. I did have a problem with the ziplock like someone mentioned but if you get all the matcha powder out from the crevices then it seals fine.

    Vincent Lee
    Great matcha, but the ziplock on the bag could be better

    I've been getting this matcha quite frequently because I really enjoy it. The only issue I have with it is that the ziplock part of the bag always comes opened (it's still sealed until you rip/cut off the top). Because of this, some of the matcha gets in-between the seams of the ziplock part of the bag and you can't really reseal it all the way. The same issue is also on the raspberry flavored matcha bag. I get around this by putting the whole thing in its own ziplock bag, but if they can fix this issue, that would be awesome