Recession won't slow us down

If we’ve learned anything from the history of our economy, it’s that recessions are inevitable. We have seen thriving boom cycles, followed by recessions... then the economy recovers, sending the cycle right back to the beginning of a thriving era.

Recessions can be scary… but that doesn’t have to be the case. There’s also a wealth of opportunity during these times if you know what to look for. Think of it as a time to re-calibrate and lay the foundation for the next boom cycle.

Well-known brands such as Subway & 7Eleven are aware of these opportunities and have taken advantage of these times by actually opening more franchises. From 2008—2010, Subway added close to 6,000 restaurants while 7Eleven added 550 stores nationwide and about 4,000 worldwide!

restaurant chains grown during recessions


During recessions, prime real-estate becomes readily available at discounted prices — eager landlords are willing to sign leases with favorable terms for the tenant (AKA you!) and increase tenant improvement budgets for build outs. In short, it’s a franchisee’s dream: cheaper real estate, increased availability of prime locations, and favorable lease terms, all setting you up for success.

You’re probably thinking: How could I possibly do this now.. especially during a global pandemic?

Good news — now is actually the perfect time to start this process. 

Everything we have been working on is in preparation for the grand scheme of things: from our farm-to-cup business model to the ease of operating a Junbi location. We’re positioned to help you Prepare Daringly™ for your future.

Like most people, we’re also shifting from a normal work structure to mainly working from home. The silver lining here is that, for many, there is now more time to work on things that have been put off. We encourage you to do the same!

To help put things into perspective:

The franchising process can take up to 10 months, so it makes sense to act now:

  1. Onboarding: 1 month
  2. Find real estate & negotiate lease: 2-3 months
  3. Design & permitting: 2-3 months
  4. Construction: 2-3 months 
  5. Open your store!

Steps to open a junbi franchise

If you start the process now, your very own Junbi should open around Spring 2021, right before Summer — the season that everyone looks forward to all year. Students are out of school, families are on vacation and everyone’s ready to have fun and go out (this is when sales are usually highest!) 

We’ve even had loyal customers travel from across the nation & around the world just to try Junbi — from driving in from Arizona & Nevada to flying in from Australia & Europe!

No matter where you choose to open your Junbi, we likely already have dedicated Junbi fans in the area and our diversely skilled marketing team is equipped to drive more traffic to your location.

What kind of franchisee support does Junbi have to offer?

We’ve got you covered across all bases: from providing you with brand building materials and local marketing strategies to comprehensive operational support. 

In order to ensure the ease of running your brand new Junbi, we worked extra hard to make sure our operations and work flow are streamlined & efficient enough for anyone who has little to no experience to learn how to work at Junbi. Our training systems are scalable and standardized, making it simple yet effective when training new team members regardless of where you’re located.

Additionally, our seasoned board of Founders & Investors has over 50+ years of aggregate marketing experience and a significant social media reach (totaling to 6.2 million subscribers and followers on YouTube & Instagram), which we’ll use to help create more brand awareness wherever you choose to develop your location.

We’re all dedicated to your success! 

What’s so special about this matcha franchise?

There has never been another franchise like Junbi.

As the first ever matcha-centric teahouse franchise, we are revolutionizing the way high-quality matcha is enjoyed by making it accessible to the masses. While this has its challenges, we believe that there's a void in the market that we're dedicated to filling one cup at a time.

We routinely visit our tea farm in Japan that’s over 100 years old (they definitely know what they’re doing), participate in & taste the yearly harvest, and build close relationships with the farmers who harvest our tea leaves and inspect the processing facilities to ensure that the quality of our product meets the Junbi farm-to-cup standard.

While this is a very rigorous process, we do all of this so that you don’t have to.

Our vision is simple: A world where dreams are fueled by delicious drinks revolving around matcha and tea that people can trust — made with natural ingredients, quality tea, real fruits, real milk, and non-dairy alternatives such as oat milk.

Currently, matcha is usually served at your local coffee shop or first wave bubble tea franchise where little is known about its origin. Most of the time, it comes premixed with other additives such as powdered milk, creamer, or sugar to mask the telltale signs of lower quality matcha.

On the other hand, there are matcha cafes that adopt a purist approach & often exist in high-end settings, which intimidates those who don’t already have a deep appreciation for matcha.

We’ve found that sweet spot in between. 

We pride ourselves on serving pure matcha straight from the source in an accessible & approachable manner. It can be enjoyed as-is without fruit, milk or sugar, or as the star of our colorfully eye-catching layered creations, paired with crisp refreshing aloe juice or with pleasantly tart yuzu citrus juice & delicately sweet pink dragon fruit, our newest & most popular combination! As a Junbi franchisee, you can rest assured that you’ll always receive the best proprietary ingredients available. 

Junbi Yuzu Dragonfruit Matcha

With all factors taken into consideration, from this recession setting the perfect stage for you to bring Junbi to your community (and who knows when you will get this opportunity again?), to the strong, unique operational and marketing support Junbi has to offer, there has never been a better time to take that leap..

As a matter of fact, since opening up to franchising in January, we’re already in the process of developing 3 locations in New Jersey and 3 locations in Texas, and are talking to many potential franchisees nationwide!

Potential Junbi Matcha Franchises in the United States

We are sticking to one location per neighborhood.

Since we recently opened our franchising opportunities to the public, we are sticking to one location per neighborhood for the time being, so lock down your location today!!

Please inquire below if you are ready to Prepare Daringly™ and check if your city is still available for development. We will get back to you as soon as we can!

I'm ready to open a matcha franchise

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